Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How much do gutters cost per foot?

A: Our gutter price per linear foot price changes with the aluminum market to ensure the customer always receives the best price possible. The most accurate method for pricing is for us to evaluate your job and provide you with a free estimate.


Q: What gutter colors are available?

A: We currently stock sixteen colors and can usually match your homes trim very closely. We will be glad to provide you with a color sample tab.


Q: Do I need larger gutters?

A: There are some cases where a larger gutter is needed but the majority of the time a 5” gutter is sufficient to handle a residential structure. Ensuring that it is installed properly and has the adequate amount of downspouts is the key to an efficiently working gutter system. In the event that a 6″ gutter is needed we can provide that service for you as well.


Q: Can my loose gutters be reattached?

A: In many cases, yes, providing the gutter has not been damaged. The old feral spike is a thing of the past. We can install hidden hangers and screws to those loose gutters ensuring they will stay attached.


Q: Why is water running behind my gutters?

A: Usually this is caused by the gutter being pulled loose from the facia board or the structures roofing being cut too short. Without proper overhang of the roofing material the rainwater is given an avenue to run behind the back of the gutter. We can remedy this problem by installing metal flashing beneath the underlayment shingle to divert the water into the gutters.


Q: Do you clean out gutters?

A: Yes, we can offer you a one-time cleaning or place you on an annual cleaning contract.


Q: Can a gutter guard be installed on my existing gutters?

A: Yes, the Champion Gutter Guards system is designed to install onto your existing gutter.


Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: Yes, we offer a one year warranty on the installation of your gutter system. The gutter coil has a twenty year finish warranty, and the Champion Gutter Guards have a Life-time leaf free warranty. (THE BEST WARRANTY ON THE MARKET)