Benefits of Leaf Free Gutters

Part of maintaining your dream home is having a well-kept lawn and garden. For many homeowners, this includes trees and bushes that frequently produce leaves. Most people consider leaves an annoyance when it comes time to rake them up in the fall, but they can actually present a problem all-year round! Leaves are the primary cause of clogged and nonfunctioning gutters, which can cause quite a few problems around the home. You shouldn’t rid your yard of the beautiful trees and plants, but maintaining leaf free gutters has many benefits.

You Won’t Waste Time Climbing on a Ladder

After a storm or heavy wind, leaves will most likely be clogging up your gutter and stopping it from doing its job. It may take a while to notice, but once you do that means it’s time to haul out the ladder and shovel the clumped leaves out from the gutter. This is certainly not anyone’s favorite chore, but keeping your gutters leaf free can make sure it’s the chore you only have to do once.

In addition, not climbing up on a ladder to get rid of pesky leaves can lower your risk of injury. Accidents happen, and when they happen while standing on top of a ladder there is obviously a higher chance of serious injury. Leaf free gutters mean less time spent on a ladder, and that means less chance of getting hurt!

Water Flows Freely - And Doesn’t Stick Around

In a properly unclogged gutter, water from storms and rainfall will flow through the gutter and away from your house. That’s exactly what it is meant to do; unfortunately, an excess of leaves stops your gutter from working properly. Water will be blocked from flowing away and instead gather in your gutters and overflow onto your roof.

This overflow increases the odds of a new leak or water damage happening. These problems require expensive repairs, and the benefit of a leaf free gutter is that a serious clog will no longer occur. This means leaks and water damage also won’t occur, at least not from a clogged gutter.

Pesky Pest Populations Will Go Down

As a homeowner, gutters clogged with leaves are a nightmare. To pests and bugs, a clogged gutter is a field day! Decomposing leaves and stagnant water that can’t flow will attract bugs, especially mosquitos. Pests can multiply quickly, so depending on the time of year a clog can attract bugs like a siren.

With a leaf free gutter, water never becomes stagnant and so drives away bugs who are looking to lay their eggs. The overall population of annoying bugs and pests who gather around your home should go down, allowing you to enjoy spending time outside again. The removal of pests, a lower risk of water damage, and the lack of a need to climb up a ladder are only a few of the benefits of having leaf free gutters. If that sounds good to you, inquire about how to keep your gutters leaf free for good!

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