What are seamless gutters?

What are seamless gutters? Well nowadays they are made of aluminum coil, not steel or plastic and ideally they are seamless gutters. What does that mean? I am a do-it -yourselfer and can do it cheaper.

Yes, You can go to the big box stores and purchase 10 foot sections (or other lengths) of gutters and gutter pieces. Now they could be made of aluminum, hard plastic and in the good old days they were made out of steel. Then you climb high up on your inexpensive not so new ladder and You hang them somehow on your house and attach joint fasteners and voila you have gutters. (providing You are very good in balancing these not so seamless gutters by yourself so you do not fall of off the ladder, one or two stories down).

WELL, not only does this solution look horrible it also doesn’t work very well and by the way You might seriously hurt yourself.

Leave it to the professionals. A seamless gutter installation company has the correct equipment to do the job well, and they have insurance just in case they are having a bad day and fall of off the ladder themselves. Now in 20 years I have not seen this happen, but we all are human and mistakes happen. A problem with Your do-it-yourself options it that those parts are very short which makes them almost impossible to bend. Another big issue you have with non-seamless gutters is that the joints will leak over time and cause issues as well. Leaks and improper installation will cause rot on the fascia boards, soffit boards, window and door sills and depending on the leak location many more issues.

Seamless gutters are made of aluminum coil which are available in an array of different colors but 98% of the home owners choose white, simply because it blends in with the window trim. So this gutter machine pulls the coil through and depending on the coil you can make 100 feet or even longer seamless gutters, yes it is all in one piece. So all straight fascia boards should be covered with seamless gutters, not in the corners you have to insert a corner piece also called miter. Many companies “sell” you on the corner pieces that you actually do not need.

Seamless gutters come in two different sizes 5 inch and 6 inch, you can find more about the seamless gutter sizes right here.

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