What is the difference between 5 inch gutters and 6 inch gutters

Well yes size of course, and yes a 6 inch gutter can hold a lot more water as a 5 inch gutter. Most homes have the traditional k-style 5 inch gutters installed and 2x3 downspouts. If you have a low sloped roof 3/12 to 6/12 pitch and no valleys you should be fine with the 5 inch gutters.

6 inch gutters can hold a lot more water compared to 5 inch gutters. The 6 inch gutters actual can hold 40% more water compare to the 5 inch, yes this sounds crazy but it is the truth. Now the steeper your roof is , the more roof area you have the more we would recommend to you to have 6 inch gutters installed and of course use a 3x4 over sized downspout to rid of all the water. If you have heavy rains, strong winds, steep roof lines, many valleys, you will highly benefit choosing 6 inch gutters over the more popular 5 inch gutters. The reason being the 5 inch is more popular is that it is a little less expensive and most traditional homes can handle the smaller version. Should you have a very steep roof with valleys you will in most cases have an over flow problem in the valley, in many cases diverters can help with the overflow

We will gladly inspect your home and give you our recommendations on which size 5 inch gutters or 6 inch gutters are most suitable for your home.

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