Why do I need a gutter system on my home?

A good functioning gutter system is a very important part of your home, especially if you live in an area where it rains on a regular basis. Here in the Carolina's we do have good rainfall throughout the year and having a good functioning gutter system installed on your home will help you tremendously.

How ? What? A gutter system really?

Yes a gutter system is very important, How? You need to redirect the water away from the foundation of your home to avoid erosion over time. A cracked or damaged foundation will give you a serious problem on your home and a good functioning gutter system will help prevent this from happening. An inferior gutter system may be clogged up and through the additional weight the gutters may rip of from the fascia board. Or it can also cause the rainwater to overflow and damage the fascia or soffit boards, window and door sills. Rotten wood causes mold, attracts bugs and so much more. All of these issue will be very pricey to repair and could have been prevented.

What? Yes indeed an intact gutter system also needs to have good functioning and properly installed downspouts. There are two common sizes and most builders will install the smaller version on a new home (to save money). Never use the smaller version downspouts as they do cause clogs and problems at torrential downpours. Always install the larger 3x4 inch downspouts on your home. Ideally you would also have a French drain installed to get the water far away from your home but you can also have over ground pipes installed, which is a lot more cost effective. They come in various lengths and should be positioned to have the rain water to be directed away from your home and depending on the slope of your property they should always be positioned down-stream.

A gutter system? Yes really, proper installed gutter system is important to help you prevent damages to your home. It also need to be installed with a minor slope so water can reach the downspouts correctly and prevent that you have standing water in them. As you all know standing water is a Mosquito breeder. Depending on the size of your roof and the roof slope you might have to install the larger 6 inch version. Always have a professional evaluate your home and hire a professional company to install your new gutter system.

Don’t hesitate and get your new gutter system today.

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