Shur Flo Gutter Protection

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WHY ShurFlo? Why should you keep your gutters clean?

Gutters are designed to catch the runoff water from rain and divert it along the side of the building and into areas where it can freely flow without causing damage to landscaping and cement work. It isn’t just water that flow down a roof, however, it carries with it leaves, pine needles, small twigs, and other debris from storms or seasonal changes.

This can create a buildup of materials that can cause water to back up, or even support insect breeding grounds and the ability of seeds to sprout. Water can also freeze and backup in the winter, causing damage to your gutters, rooflines, and roofs themselves. Cleaning your gutters should be a regular occurrence after storms and seasonal changes, but a good gutter guard can help keep this maintenance to a minimum – making your job easier and safer.

ShurFlo sits under your existing roof line and attaches snugly and securely to the top of your existing gutter. The low profile design allows it to blend in, and the patented perforated system lets rainwater flow through and into the gutter all while stopping debris from accumulating. The air circulation that is allowed helps dry out the caught debris and blow all but the heaviest away.

The design of ShurFlo makes it easy to clear any debris that may not blow clean quickly and simply every so often as part of your regular home care. Because it does not fit up under your shingles it does not void any roof warranties.

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